What Our Clients Say About Us

Sales Training

No matter how tenured you may be, this program is a great informative piece that teaches professional business practices which drive results.
Adam, Sales Executive
The format is perfect and the techniques invaluable. We don't take these folks out of the field and we don't incur the cost of travel and hotels. Keep up the good work!
Mike, Business Owner
I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your class and I learned quite a few new ways of selling. I sincerely appreciate it.
Michelle, Sales Executive
Thanks again. Your program is a “requirement”. It has always been needed and I am glad I found you when I did.
Charles, Business Owner
The value is in the results! I am selling like crazy!
Chris, Senior Sales Executive
Thank you for your knowledge throughout this course! I have taken a lot with me from your course and I feel that it is going to make me more successful and that is my goal.
Amby, SE
Thanks again for such a great program. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a ton of motivation out of it.
Jennifer, Sales Executive
I really enjoyed a new perspective on different approaches.
Lori, Govt., Education Acct. Rep
Just wanted to say THANKS again for your instruction I came from a dealership where I did not receive any formalized training such as this. I look forward to putting these techniques into action
Mike, Sales Executive
I thought the training was very upbeat and informative. Even though I have been in the business for 15 + years, it was very refreshing to get back to the basics and remind myself of what I wasn't doing. I would recommend this course to the newbie's as well as and more importantly the "Seasoned" reps.
Tammy, Major Account Manager
This program has given my team the right tools for motivation, team building and increased productivity. Richard, Sales Manager
The SCTP provides a good foundation for new rep's as well as great reminders for tenured reps. I would recommend this class for reps in all stages of their career.
Denise, GSM
Your program has really helped me to understand the sales cycle and what is necessary to have a successful outcome. I feel more confident in asking for the appointment, commitment, etc. Thanks Larry, this information has proven invaluable
Daniellle, Sales Executive
I just hit my highest sales number since I have been with the company using the techniques I learned from the Sales Career Training Program, using the 771 letters and the weekly activity point system.
Caitlin, Sales Executive

Sales Management Leadership Program

The Leadership Management Program has been a program that is worth attending. It is so nice to have training that you really feel is worth your time and effort. Having the weekly meetings is super because you have time to digest the information before taking it to the street.
Debra, General Manager
Simply put, this is the best and most impactful training program available in our industry.
Dave, Region Manager
I feel that the information in this program, as long as it is applied, can go a long way to making the individual a better person, mentor, coach, and leader. I feel that the webinar series is a much better approach as it gives you a week to actually apply what was discussed.
Ben, Region Vice President
Your class is very results oriented and helps set valuable priorities as well as decision making guidelines that achieve specific desirable results. You are exactly what the Doctor ordered and I would highly recommend this class to anyone in management. This is probably the most valuable twenty hours of training that I have had since college (that was a long time ago). You are a gifted guy Larry and I hold a high regard for you.
Art, Sales Manager
The leadership program provided me with the tools necessary to drive those areas I need help with. I would recommend this program to all.
Don, Vice President/ General Manager
I would recommend to owners as well as new and established managers. I always take something away and enjoy the information. I like they way you have presented it. The format is perfect, we don't take these folks out of the field and we don't incur the cost of travel and hotels. Keep up the good work.
Mike, Business Owner
This is one of the best programs I have come across in my 29 year career. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.
Jeff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
The idea of sectioning this off and spoon feeding it to our group over 10 weeks has been highly effective, the model works; learn it – then apply it.
Rick, Marketing Director
There is no doubt about it. Any sales manager, business owner, or service manager could get a lot out of the program.
Rich, Business Owner
This class has been head and shoulders above the rest. A good part of that is your outstanding ability to lead the class and keep everybody on their toes, never knowing if you are going to be called on next to participate.
John, Business Owner
I liked everything about the program. I actually looked forward to each of the webinars and learned new ideas and reinforced old ones. I would recommend it to any new or seasoned Sales Manager.
Steve, Business Owner
I like the combination of the videos and then the follow up training. I would recommend this for anyone in our industry except I don’t want to help the competition.
Brad, Sales Manager
The materials are highly relevant and are resulting in some significant changes in our sales dept.
Mike, Business Owner
The management leadership program has brought clarity to my new position that I did not have before.
Brandon, District Manager
You as an instructor have been very on point, focused, and informative. I personally learn more in a fun and energetic forum. Lastly, I have been over the years to every seminar, training, motivational speaker etc. I have enjoyed and benefited from this webinar the most by a wide margin.
John, Region Manager
The Sales Management Program has helped me tremendously. I like the ability to preview the videos in advance. I am able to prepare for our discussions and later review the topics from our sessions. Another takeaway is hearing from the different levels of management attending our sessions.
Sean, Sales Manager
We enjoyed the management program. I felt it gave us clear direction that we were looking for as well as a bench mark compared to best practices.
Kirk, Business Owner
The concept that your reps are your “major accounts” really strikes deep.
Pierre, Manager, Sales & Strategic Alliances
I found this program to be one of the best and most useful of my professional training experiences.
Andrea, Project Manager
I really found the program to be beneficial as it helped our group “sharpen our saw”. Early in my career, I learned that “the old is forever new” and your program allowed us to have meaningful conversations about what we could do better (many of the topics we had previously been taught but we just had stopped using them). The pace of learning the chapters a week at a time and as a group was extremely beneficial.
Scott, Executive Vice President
I do want to say your Sales Management Leadership Program has exceeded my expectations. The subject matter hits a bullseye with what I face every day. Each session brings clarity and solutions to everyday challenges. The course has helped me rethink my role and how I relate to my sales team in order to increase productivity and their sales success. The weekly webinar meetings are lively and engaging.
Joe, Region Vice President
The emphasis on measurable activity tracking has gone a long way toward eliminating the drama that was stealing my time and limiting my effectiveness as a manager.
Pat, Sales Manager
The format allows me to comprehend change in manageable segments as opposed to a 2/3 day 'info overload'. I now have a Plan for the Plan, am better organized, and my reps are showing the same through increased activity, both in action and accountability.
Bob, District Manager
This is the training format for today’s fast paced business!
Keith, Sales Manager
The SMLP program delivers a banner return on investment
John, Vice President of Sales
I have personally recommended to each of my dealer principals that all Sales Managers should take this course.
Doug, Executive District Sales Manager
It really makes you look at change.
Duane, Branch Manager
The program’s value has been seeing, in writing, a roadmap for success.
Ryan, Vice President, Major Accounts
One item that really brings out the clarity is that Larry makes sure that we each have a personal “take away’ from each session.
Pat, Sales Manager
This type of format does allow us to remain in our office (reducing cost) and still allows us to interact with others in our industry. Times are changing in our industry and we have to explore other ideas and ways of doing business. Your program I believe brings a different approach to the fundamentals.
Liz, Manager of Education
The Management Leadership Program was excellent! It brought me a wealth of insight as to how a good dealership should be run.
John, Executive Specialty Products Manager
A management program of this nature should be a requirement for any management team on an on-going basis. Whether it is to get the "back to basics" organization and priority lists in order or to add fresh, more current ideas to a company plan, the value is immense. The key to Coco Training is precise detail to specific concepts.
Vicki, Sales Support

Sales Coaching

Larry is the constant professional. He has helped us develop quality reviews, a total comprehensive hew hire training, and has made numerous phone calls and additional efforts to make sure his “Best Practices” are actually being implemented by my managers. All this is pure value that Larry delivers well beyond what we pay him to do. This is the kind of support that the dealer channel needs and quite frankly expect from an Elite Manufacturer. In my 20 years of managing in this industry, I could “Take or Leave” most of the programs that manufacturers develop. Larry’s program is the best training program a manufacturer has to offer.
Dave, Region Sales Manager
The tools that I’ve learned are incredible and I can now see how some of the bigger competitors run their businesses and how we can get a bigger slice of the market..
Rich, Business Owner
As owners, we need to be reminded of the fundamentals of recruiting and sales management. Larry covered these topics and more, with easy to follow delivery. His constant invitation for attendees to comment and question, kept the meeting interactive.I'm definitely looking forward to the next Larry Coco webinar.
Mark, Business Owner
It seems the meeting is extremely attractive for many dealers. Thank you for your great contribution
Kiyo, Executive Vice President, Manufacturer
Thank you for all the new concepts you have introduced to our sales team. There is nothing better than being accountable to “the coach”.
Don, VP/ General Manager
Larry does a fabulous job and I get rave reviews on his interactive and value-added style. On behalf of Ricoh and the participating dealers I want to thank you for helping us to become better. YOU are appreciated.
Chuck, Region Vice President, Manufacturer
With your coaching our planned redesign of our sales system is already far more successful than we could have imagined.
Chris, Business Owner
I have had a chance to participate in the Best Practices series and they have been both informative and great!
Robert, Business Owner

A Higher Sale Playbook

Over the last 6 years, we have had significant revenue growth. On average, we have grown 16% year over year. As we closed out our fiscal year in September, I knew that we needed to shift our plan to continue growing as we did. After you and I discussed your Business Development Coaching service, I knew that this is what we need to do to break the barrier of growth for this coming year.
After we met for our coaching session, I was very excited knowing I have a plan with a strategy moving forward. With your help, you and I designed a plan with the top three items being "New Business Development", Company Branding and a Recruiting strategy to fill the talent pipeline.
During your session you have provide detailed tools that help the sales force focus on "New Business Development". I listed out dozens of "Best Practices" you shared with me to help build our "Brand Awareness", along with specific contacts of other dealerships, which have implemented these tactics. Developing a recruiting strategy was key. Over the last few weeks, with your help, we redesigned our hiring process, which allowed us to find 6 strong resumes, hired a top talent sales rep and we're building our talent pipeline.
I wanted to take the time to thank you for your consistent help, taking my calls when I have a question, passing on timely information and being a sounding board.
I'm really excited with our re-focus and looking forward to sharing all our successes.
Much Appreciated,
John Partenio General Sales Manager