Sales Management Leadership Training

This widely proven program, delivered traditionally as a 3 day workshop, has been revised to keep pace with today's market conditions by minimizing time out of the field, eliminating travel expenses, and increasing employee productivity. This blended approach to leadership management is appropriate for all levels of Sales so be sure to enroll your newer managers as well as those with long tenure. It is accomplished through a 5 week program (2 hours per week) of spaced and repetitious learning consisting of: video based e- learning, web based team implementation sessions, audio cd's for reinforcement, and "just in time" individual 1 on 1 coaching sessions. It will remind us of things we used to do and forgot as well as to introduce new ways, new tools that can be applied to your day to day business.
Note: This program can also be delivered on site.
The Sales Management Leadership Program is a continuous performance improvement system that develops sales managers, their teams, and individual salespeople into elite, high-performers. Research tells us that the cost of a sales turnover now exceeds over $64,000 and that is simply too high a price to pay.
It places the power of an on-line delivery format highlighted by an effective implementation strategy.
Each component of the program starts with the participant viewing The Sales Management Leadership Program in an on-line video format. This is where the implementation and coaching begins. Each week attendees will participate in an interactive 1 hour webinar that focuses on applying on-line training to the job of increasing sales. This group implementation is then followed up by individual phone coaching and consulting including complimentary audio cd’s.


  • Integrate the benefits of on-line learning with targeted implementation
  • Maximize financial investment in a program by eliminating travel expenses
  • Reduce time away from the job by the participants and increase team and employee productivity
  • Make-up sessions available to work around vacations, scheduling conflicts


  • Introduction to The Sales Management Leadership Program
  • Job Description
  • Priorities
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Business Planning
  • Team Staffing
  • Team Training, Part One
  • Team Training, Part Two
  • Team Accountability
  • Individual Coaching Relationships, Part One
  • Individual Coaching Relationships, Part Two
  • Team Motivation