Our Services

A Higher Sale Playbook - A turnkey sales driven program for top management that provides sales organizations with the right tools, processes, and skill sets that develop elite, high performance teams leading to stronger revenue and profits. It includes pre-planning (analyzing the business), one full day of on-site training coaching, and timely follow up.
  • Tried and proven interactive tool for determining health of territory.
  • Best Practices methodology for managing The Sales Funnel.
Sales Training - This program is sales centric and has won an International Best Practices Award for Sales Development. Participants will learn to move through a well-defined sales process and align it to the buyer’s decision process in a collaborative way. It’s all about building Trust and Credibility…acting as a true problem solver leading to competitive differentiation. Key focus is New Business Development.
  • Proven system for prospecting…The 7-7-1 Program leading to 7 more face to face meetings each week per rep.
  • A new paradigm for time management…Rule #94.
Note: This highly interactive program can be delivered as an 8 week webinar series or 1.5 days of on-site training with challenging exercises and role plays.
Sales Management Leadership Training - A continuous improvement system that reminds leaders of things we used to do and forgot as well as new methodologies, new tools that will develop managers, their teams into elite, more consistent performers. A common thread of the strongest sales teams…solid fundamentals and we help participants build these with written plans in place.
  • The Circle of Success.
  • The most common mistake sales managers make.
Note: This highly interactive program can be delivered as a 10 week webinar series or 2 days of on-site training.
Executive/Sales Coaching - What do top athletes, those in performing arts, and business leaders have in common? They each have a coach. Sales leaders and teams need the right resources and tools that promote growth. This requires analyzing and challenging how things are done by improving process and structure. Once these building blocks are in place it is all about effective implementation and execution. Coco Training works side by side with sales leaders and teams to create clearer vision (strategic and tactical), manage more proactively through effective implementation, and to achieve well defined sales targets.
  • The top attributes of successful leaders.


Event Speaking -
  • Now is the time for your sales organization to boldly step forward.
  • Larry Coco is an accomplished public speaker that inspires his audience.
  • His background allows him to speak from past experience and connect in a lasting and meaningful way.
  • He has the ability to drive others… to imagine the possibilities and achieve more.
  • Larry has empowered thousands of individuals to be the best they can be through accountability and buy in.
Strategic Planning -
  • Teaches the formulation of written business plans aligned to the goals and objectives of your organization.
  • 90 Day Business Plans provide the foundation for achieving sales targets consistently.
  • Align and direct personal and team activities to company performance requirements.
  • Develops a disciplined approach to planning.
  • Includes effective communication to all levels and promotes accountability.
New Business Development -
  • Creates hunters and provides the tools for growing the sales funnel in a strong way.
  • Learn to deploy and manage a highly effective, turnkey appointment setting program.
  • Learn to deploy and manage a highly effective, turnkey appointment setting program.
  • This program has won a worldwide Best Practices Award.
  • The results are increased face to face meetings, more assessments of client needs, increased proposals, and more wins,
  • Leads to more opportunities to gain much needed referrals.
  • Keep in mind…Activities Breed Performance.
Recruiting and Selection -
  • The multi-interview process
  • Sales representative job descriptions in writing
  • Sales representative profile and key behaviors.
  • Systematic packaged questioning and discovery process.
  • Making the candidate want your job opportunity.
  • Creating a pipeline of quality people.
  • Evaluating candidate attributes that lead to success.
Activity Management System -
  • A daily point system.
  • Provides the foundation and expectations for the sales representative.
  • Focuses on activities that drive sales representative success.
  • Includes development of a daily report card that is both measurable and results oriented.
  • Can be embedded into the CRM.
  • Helps define a good day.
Compensation Plans -
  • Align company goals to focus of sales management as well as the sales force.
  • Both revenue and gross profit driven.
  • Includes MBO’s that that are key to individual as well as sales organization growth.
  • Create key targets that must be achieved resulting in a greater pay out.
  • Drives a more solution centric environment.