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Hello. I’m Larry Coco…founder and president of Coco Training & Coaching. You have come to right place and your interest is appreciated.It is with pride I note my background is sales. I just don’t teach it…I have lived it…for 34 years as a Sales Representative > Selling Sales Manager > Sales Manager > Region Sales Manager > Vice President of Sales > President…experiencing strong success along the way… creating techniques while embracing sales processes and tools that work. Our goal at Coco Training is to share these Best Practices that may very well serve as the foundation of your sales organization. To provide the right skill sets that lend themselves to the development of elite, high performing individuals and teams. Our mantra is clear…The Inspired Sales Approach…inspiring your sales team to achieve more by working in a collaborative way with the client and providing true value. It is about moving others to take action that will benefit them. Larry Brush is a top executive and solid addition to our team. He has significant experience in leading and growing sales organizations with an emphasis on sales process, building tenure, and driving consistent performance. His reputation and integrity are impeccable. With access to world class curriculum and business partners, Coco Training is poised to take a customized approach to understand your requirements while building a plan to improve your sales organization. Please reach out for a complimentary consultation to learn more about us and A Higher Sale, your needs, and what the next steps may be. I believe you will be impressed with our programs leading to a robust ROI. Thanks again for visiting and always remember…Selling is about inspiration!

Larry Coco PicLarry Coco, President and Founder

Larry Coco is an accomplished senior level executive with a strong track record of success in Sales, Management, Marketing, and Training. For the past 34 years he has focused his career in the world of Document Management and sees endless opportunities to help others improve.
Larry’s ability to develop people and companies has been the hallmark of his career. He is highly experienced in the formation of strategic plans, skilled in the areas of creating and driving key processes in order to achieve solid and consistent results. He understands the value of people when building high performance elite teams.
Prior to opening his company, Larry held a wide range of positions at Ricoh Corporation including leadership of various committees and special projects. Examples include the Malcolm Baldridge Committee for Excellence, The Sales Development Training Program, The Sales Manager Development Program, The Ricoh Six Step Sales Process, New Hire Orientation Programs, and presenting Balanced Scorecard Objectives to the Senior Executive Team.
Larry was most proud when he presented and won the International Ricoh Company Ltd. Best Practice Award representing Ricoh US for the Sales Development Training Program geared to maintaining high productivity and substantially reducing sales turnover. It was the first time the US has ever won this prestigious award.
Today his programs have allowed him to partner with numerous OEM's as well as high level technology organizations.  His is fast growing Sales Recruiting Division has put a much needed process in place allowing clients to achieve manpower targets.
Larry works with corporations of all sizes growing sales operations. One of his favorite quotes reads , " Don't ever let anyone put a ceiling on your sky".

                                  Larry Brush- Director of Training & Development

Larry Brush has been an Imaging Industry veteran for 32 years with strong expertise in sales, training, coaching, and management. He is adept at Hiring, Training, Growing and Developing, Inspiring, Driving Activities, and Achieving Sales Team Targets. He progressed rapidly through the sales ranks with an eye on management to fulfill his dream…to make a positive impact on the sales careers of others. In addition, he truly understands the Dealer business model and is expert at working within all levels of the sales organization in both a strategic and tactical way. Larry has successfully turned around numerous branches by installing needed sales process, structure, and tools based upon sound Best Practices that drive activities and retain valued sales talent. He has authored sales activity training programs focused on New Business Development and has a keen ability to attract and hire needed sales talent. “I am joining the Coco Training and Coaching team since my beliefs on what it takes to grow sales organizations echoes those of Larry Coco. The time is now to make a measurable difference for our valued clients as well as individual careers”. Larry is the father of two sons, Grayson and Connor, and lives in Boynton Beach, Florida with his wife Mary.